Psychic energy? What’s that?

A fundamental element of spiritual and psychic development and of many alternative, complementary and healing therapies is that of ‘energy’.

As you progress in your journey of development you will discover that everything we do is all about energy, life is all about energy because everything is energy. And energy is everything.

All matter consists of molecules vibrating at different rates. Many people believe that the more subtle energies vibrate at such a fast rate that they are not normally visible to the human eye – unless you’re tuned into it of course. These would be spirit entities (ghosts, auras, and more. Being able to sense more subtle energies, and understand the theory of energy fields is essential to a lot of your spiritual and psychic development.
To help you understand this concept, think about ice. It’s solid, but when the molecules are sped up using heat, become water. Then with more agitation, the molecules move faster and faster and eventually turn to steam. This is far less solid and almost invisible, you can’t grasp hold of it can you? Don’t try, that would hurt!

If you’re interested in psychic development, you will need to get your head around this psychic energy

And I don’t want you to just take my word for it. There are many theories about energy: what it is, how it moves, connects people and things, promotes healing, and interacts with us. None of these theories can currently be proven by scientific means. However, bear in mind that new discoveries in quantum physics giving more credence to ancient, eastern, energetic and spiritual philosophies. My overview is based on esoteric teachings and my experiences of working as a healer and complementary therapist, as well as in psychic development circles. It’s what has felt right and worked for me in all of my work. I would suggest you read what I think and see what seems right for you. It’s okay for you to formulate your own theories, thoughts and beliefs. In fact, that’s what I want you to do.

What I Think About Psychic Energy

When I say ‘psychic energy’ I’m referring to the vital life force that I believe, animates all living things.

  • It flows through us
  • connects us all
  • connects us to the divine source
  • is a part of us
  • and we are a part of it

This energy has many different names from many different cultures:

  • ki
  • prana
  • chi
  • mana
  • some will call it god
  • love
  • divine source

the list is virtually endless.

There are many theories about the way in which energy flows within and around the universe, and within us and around us. This energy exists on a subtle level, often referred to as an energetic, or spiritual level.

I believe that our energetic systems consist of auras, chakras and nadis. Compare them if you will to our physical body, the organs or endocrine glands, and the circulatory (blood) system. I will post more articles on each of these three for you to investigate further.

I also believe that we are naturally connected to and channel this universal energy through our energetic system by the very fact that we are alive. Plus we take it in through air, food and drink that we consume, as well as via our own energetic system.

When we have an understanding of this energy and our energy systems, we can consciously tap into and channel the energy. We can start to feel, alter and direct the energy flow. This understanding and awareness give us even more access to the energy of the universe, which is abundant and creative.

What Are The Benefits of This Work?

Understanding and working with this energy helps us on a physical level, a spiritual level, a psychic level, in our interpersonal relationships, in understanding both spiritual philosophy and scientific theory. We can tap into it for our health and well-being (see my article on healing), and learn to create our lives in a way that makes us happier and more positive and we can help others to do the same.

Because this energy connects all living beings I believe it allows paranormal and psychic phenomena to occur, as well as healing and prayer to help others.

I believe that this psychic energy isn’t just a part of us or a part of the divine source. I believe it is all there is. The divine source is this powerful, abundant creative energy, and so are we. In essence, we are all a part of the divine source and it is a part of us.

You may be thinking that’s a huge statement to make. You may need to think on that some more. You may even be thinking that you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about and you need to read this all again! As long as it’s got you thinking, that’s the main thing.

If you want to find out more about energy and how you can work with it, take a look at my book, The Power In Your Hands here.