A lightworker is an individual who works with the energy of the universe for positive change. They seek to raise awareness and the spiritual consciousness of themselves, of others, and ultimately, of the planet.

The following is compiled of excerpts from my book, ‘The Power In Your Hands: How to understand connect with, channel and use universal energy to improve and empower your life.”

How Do I Become A Lightworker?

One evening, a few years ago, I was taking a look at an online forum about spiritual matters. Someone had posted a question asking how they could become a lightworker, one reply simply asked ‘What’s a lightworker?’ That night I went to sleep but kept waking from the same repeating dream until I got up and started writing a reply to both questions. I put a short answer on the forum but that wasn’t enough to let me go back to sleep. At 3 a.m. there I was, pen in hand, and a book taking shape. Welcome to ‘The Power In Your Hands’

lightworkerIt is an introduction to the basics of energy work that I hope will help many aspiring healers, and anyone interested in energy work, personal, spiritual or psychic development.

You are all lightworkers.

It will also help guide those of you not yet on your path…but wondering. Maybe you can relate to this if you ever feel disconnected…from others, from life, or even from your own true nature. If you feel as though you’re being swept along with the current, out of control and occasionally bumping your head on the odd rock. Are you envious of others who appear quite capable of plotting and navigating their course in life and who seem to have all the luck along the way?

If you want to learn how to tap into the universal slipstream, pursue a more spiritual path in life, gain more of an understanding of energy or ‘lightwork’, learn to heal, channel or work with energy, or go down the road of psychic development work, then this book is for you – Learn To Be A Lightworker.

How Being  A Lightworker Has Helped Me

I found that when I began to work with energy it changed my outlook on life and everything within it. It helped to explain so much for me and also allowed me to develop my existing skills and discover new ones. I believe that once you learn how energy work can be incorporated into your everyday life, you can really begin living to your full potential.

The information in this book is based on my work, teachings and experiences over the years. It’s a simple straightforward system that will help you begin to develop spiritually on your own, or with others. It isn’t the only way to learn about using universal energy, there are many other options available. I trust that if you’ve found this book, you were meant to find it and that it will be a good starting point for you. I hope that despite not working with you face-to-face, I can pass on not only the knowledge but also the inspiration, confidence and passion that I have for the subject and for your development.

Tapping into the limitless source of universal energy can open many doors for us as we learn new skills and discover latent talents

You May Be A Lightworker Already And Not Even Know It!

Many of you will be working as a lightworker naturally already but may unaware of certain fundamentals that can really help you to keep your feet on the ground, maintain your energy levels or work more efficiently or intensely. I will cover these basics in this book, along with methods that you can learn to make your progress faster and easier.

The only way to really learn about the energy is to start to use it. Persevere and, where possible, work with others to get feedback. You can also access lots of tools to help and guide you through the process, including micro-workshop videos, where you will be able to view some of the practical work described in the book. These are all available through our ‘Readers’ Resources‘. Many of the meditations and visualisation exercises are also available as MP3 downloads.

Use this book as a map to discover your connection to everything. Eventually, you may find that you want to join a group, healing course or something similar, to learn and practise some more.

We only ever live in this moment right now and we can only ever change the moment in which we live. We can’t change the past and the future is a result of the moments that lead up to it. Energy work creates a focus; it allows us to be more balanced, harmonious and happy now. And if we can achieve that now, in this moment, then we can achieve that for our future.

power in your hands