crystalsIf you’re not sure about crystals:

  • what they do
  • and how,
  • how they can possibly have any effect on people, their health or other situations,

then you’re not alone.

As a very brief overview, crystals are created in and of the earth, either from mineral deposits, high temperatures, compression, or volcanic activity. You might just think that some of them look like lumps of rock, and you would be right. You might think that some, when polished up are very attractive and you might like some jewellery made from them: rubies and diamonds as examples. Some are plentiful and easily obtained, others are more rare, or more difficult to mine and cut, so they are very much more expensive – and sought after.

In terms of crystal healing, things get a little more esoteric. Some people will believe that crystals can have an effect on you, and some won’t. Some of you might be willing to be persuaded, others most certainly will not. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I mean that in the nicest possible way. You believe what you believe and I know what I experience.

When It Comes To Crystals What Do I Experience?

Some years ago I ‘discovered’ crystals. I lady, who later became a friend and teacher to me sold crystals on the local market. As I’m attracted to shiny jewellery (any other ladies out there like me?) I had a look at her stall and soon got talking to her (and discovered that her name was Marion). On picking up a smallish tumblestone I was astounded to find that I could feel a kind of pulse from the stone itself. I asked Marion if this was normal and she simply smiled in her knowing way. She asked me some questions while I held the crystal, about how it made me feel, whether I could feel any other movement or energy and whereabouts I sensed it. Then she asked me, if I closed my eyes what happened? Wow! In my mind’s eye, colours, shapes movement, and I just knew things about this tiny little stone. I was hooked!

Crystals Have Always Had A Profound Impact On Me.

Even to the point one day that I picked up a crystal and nearly fell over, it’s energy was so apparent to me. Malachite, a beautiful green marbled-effect stone, for many years, and sometimes still now, makes me feel physically sick. And I daren’t wear or carry moldavite if I’m driving, it completely spaces me out!

I studied books, but more importantly I worked with crystals, encouraged by Marion to sense what they were for rather than taking someone’s word for it in a book. I discovered a lot about my self and about crystal energy.

  • If I’m not happy, or giving myself a tough time I wear rose quartz to help me cheer up and love myself more.
  • If I’m teaching I have always worn aqua aura because it feels like a special stone to me. It has a blue colour which assists with communication and I believe helps me to work with the highest of intentions and in pure thought (because it’s a mix of gold and clear quartz).
  • If I’m feeling out of balance and need more energy I carry a pair of boji stones – they are amazing, just try them!
  • If I’m spaced out and in need of grounding black obsidian or hematite do the trick.
  • If I’m doing rescue work or need to make sure that my psychic protection is strong then only black tourmaline will do.

How do they work? Well that’s for another time. This is just a brief intro to my story in the hope that you might be inspired to investigate further.

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For now, if you’re still not sure how much effect crystals have. Just think, what powers a quartz watch?
Bright Blessings,