I get a lot of comments on my blogposts relating to paranormal activity in people’s homes. There are many articles on what to do on this site if you use the search bar on the right-hand side and select the subject nearest to your situation they will all come up. But here are my top tips.

It doesn’t matter whether you consider the ghost good, harmless, harmful (a matter for debate), bad, mischievous, troublesome, or even evil. It doesn’t matter where you think it’s come from, or whether it’s been at the house for generations. If you want to stop its activity, these top tips will help you to deal with the situation and get rid of a ghost.

Please always remember: A spirit has no power in this world, apart from that which you give it – psychologically, emotionally and physically.

It is impossible for me to go into the whys and wherefores of each of these tips here. They are based on my own experiences and those of fellow mediums, healers, paranormal investigators and rescue workers.

First Of All – Here are The Rules To Stick To If You Want To Get Rid Of A Ghost

  1. Stop Interacting With It – This means dowsing, ouija boards, or anything else that you might use to try to communicate. It may be intriguing and fascinating for you, but you are giving it the energy it needs to do stuff by engaging with it. Then when it does stuff, you get scared and wonder what to do. Well, don’t do anything with it in the first place. A spirit has no power in this world, apart from that which you give it – stop giving it any! Plus, unless you are a trained medium you have no idea what you’re doing or who you are really communicating with.
  2. Don’t Give It Any Identity – Don’t make it more real by naming it, evening saying, ‘he’ or ‘she’. In fact…
  3. Ignore It – Don’t talk about it, don’t tell your stories to new visitors, don’t talk to it – except in the way I am going to mention later. Remember a spirit has no power in this world, apart from that you give it.
  4. Don’t Watch Spooky Films – they will put you in a place of fear and anxiety and this energy will feed any potential activity.
  5. Don’t Try To Investigate It’s Past – again, there’s no need, even though you may be intrigued, just ignore it.
  6. Do Not Use Drugs – Or turn to alcohol to deal with or escape any activity.
  7. Do not attempt to do anything more complex than I have detailed here unless you are an established medium or energy worker and preferably are working with a group who are the same.
  8. Do not attempt to undertake this activity if you are suffering with any form of mental health condition. Please seek appropriate help and assistance.
  9. And remember – a spirit has no power in this world, apart from that which you give it

Now For An Action Plan To help To Get Rid Of A Ghost

Clean & Clear:

1: Have a good de-clutter and spring clean. Do it with others in your household if possible. Make it fun, put on music and laugh with each other while you’re doing it. Throw open the windows and have the curtains cleaned (or at least take them down and air them). Give the whole place a good going over. burn or shred paperwork, take unwanted items to the recycling centres or charity shops. Do not keep clutter in your home. Put some fresh flowers out too.

2: If you live alone, ask a friend to work with you. If you live with others, ask them to join you, unless they are too young and don’t understand. (I certainly wouldn’t do this with under 14’s unless you can make it A LOT of FUN and VERY light-hearted.)

Ask For Protection:

Ask your angels, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit to draw close to you. If a close relative is in the spirit world, ask for them by name to join you. Ask them to help cleanse your space. Then ask the spirit of whoever has been present to leave with love (be firm but not angry). Suggest that your guides and angels will help them to move on. Ignore any sounds or other activity that you may wonder about it. Do this bit fast and move on to part three.

3: Energetically cleanse your space. You can use native American smudge; light the end and blow on it until it is smouldering, waft the smoke with your hand or a feather. Waft it into every corner of every room or space in your home. Preferably in an anti-clockwise manner. Do the low corners and the high ones. Do it in a light-hearted way, dance and have lovely music as you ask for beautiful heavenly energy to cleanse your home. Alternatively sprinkle rock salt in the corners of each room in the same way, then vacuum it up. Alternatively, to clap your hands or ring a bell.  If the sound is dull keep doing it at that point When the sound rings clear, move on.


Sit quietly together with those helping you. Take a couple of deep breaths and ask your angels, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit to draw close to you. If a close relative is in the spirit world, ask for them by name to join you. Ask them to help provide constant protection around it, and around all those who live there.

Visualise a light surrounding each of you – a strong bright deep purple light. Visualise it also going around each room, and encircling the building (and your flat or apartment if you live within a block).

Sit with this for as long as you wish. When you’re ready thank your guides.


If you have any black tourmaline crystals place them in your home, on windowsills or close to the boundaries or entrances and exits. These are powerful protective crystals that will re-enforce your good work.

If you have something you consider protective, then carry or wear it regularly, such as a cross, pentagram, some form of crystal or other talismans. Also, see my article on energetic protection for more information.

Go out

Go out into nature, or for a meal together. Go for a walk and celebrate, but without discussing what you have done and why. Be positive and joyous. There is no place for negativity.


  • Bring fresh flowers, music, laughter and natural light into your home as often as possible.
  • Keep your space clear, light and bright, and clutter free.
  • Focus on your passions and important things in your life.
  • Do not re-visit or discuss any of the previous activity.
  • Having regular energy healing such as Reiki will help keep your own energies high and clear of any residual effects.
  • Continue to abide by the rules at the start of this article.
  • If you find yourself feeling uneasy, or freaked out, maybe even starting to get scared or are having a negative conversation – STOP. Change the subject, and start telling jokes, dancing around, being silly, or basically having fun. If necessary leave the house until you feel positive again.
  • Always remember, a spirit has no power in this world, apart from that which you give it.

What If…?

If your activity has not cleared the energy that has been causing a problem then you will need to seek out a healer or reputable medium to help. In the U.K. We have Spiritualist Churches who often have healing circles that you can go to for healing of your own energies. And they often have Rescue Circles that will help with strange goings-on. (Please note, this type of work is energetic and will not require any physical interaction, removal of clothing or anything deemed abusive or inappropriate by normal standards.) I hope there will be similar groups or organisations in other countries but have no experience of this.