What Do I Do If I Think I Have A Ghost?

Following on previous articles about different types of ghosts and haunting, and how to spot whether you have a ghost, it’s probably a good idea to look at what to do if you have one. So here are my top tips to help you if you have a haunted house.

    • Firstly look for all other causes. I have occasionally been caught out by ‘paranormal activity’ that, on further investigation was caused by something quite mundane.
    • Secondly, have a word with them. Out loud if you don’t feel too stupid. Tell them, nicely, that you know they are there. Thank them for making themselves known. Then let them know they are being intrusive and ask them to they stop now.
    • Thirdly, ask your spirit guides, angels, guardian angel, your chosen god, or a loved one in spirit to watch over you and prevent the activity from happening.
    • Stay positive. Try not to allow the conversation to dwell on the activity or your fears to grow. Avoid arguments. Play games. Have fun. Watch comedy films to keep a light heart and a light atmosphere.

If the spirit is simply visiting, this will solve the problem (if you see it as such). But it won’t work for a past recording and probably not for an earthbound spirit either. However, my third point (asking your spirit guides etc. for help) and fourth point (stay positive) should diminish the effects.

What Else Can I Do To Get Rid Of An Unwanted Ghost?

Carefully chosen crystals, talismans or protective symbols can be very effective in getting rid of a ghost. Especially if there is any issue with ley lines around the property. You can use your intuition or dowse for the correct item to use, and where to place it. (There’s info on how to dowse in this blogpost.)

A good house cleansing ritual is probably the best bet for unwanted visitors and activity.

Clear the space physically and have a good tidy up and spring clean (of the whole house if possible), then light some candles, burn incense or smudge and visualise the space being filled with light. You can also sprinkle salt in particularly affected areas and vacuum it up while you visualise any unwanted energies disappearing with the salt.

If there is still activity get some help.

A feng shui expert, a medium (who is experienced in rescue work), or an earth energy dowser may need to be contacted. If you do this, ensure that you use a reputable and recommended person. You can get advice on this from a spiritualist church who sometimes run rescue circles to deal with such instances. Be aware that if you are experiencing an earthbound spirit (or something more complex than I have spoken about here) as soon as you make contact with anyone who will be able to help, the activity may get worse. Don’t let that put you off, it means you’re on the right track in seeking help. Sometimes the person doesn’t even have to visit your home. I have successfully performed rescue work from my home in Shropshire, in collaboration with a group in Hertfordshire (well over a hundred miles away), on a property in London.

If you have a religious belief and wish to call someone from your place of worship (even the non-religious seem to think immediately of a Roman Catholic exorcist in a time of need) then do so. Although, I’m not sure of their effectiveness, purely because I have no experience with them and if not done well, it could make matters worse.

Please be aware that serious hauntings are rare, but you really don’t need to put up with ANY activity. This article on “can ghosts hurt you” may help with further questions.

Bright Blessings


P.S. Actually seeing a ghosts is rare – take a look at this article of you’re concerned.