Tigers Eye Is An Intriguing Crystal Gemstone

Tigers Eye is typically a dark brown and yellow-gold stripey stone. (It always reminds me of a humbug when it’s polished.) There are red and blue versions of this crystal that have additional properties. I mentioned this particular stone in a previous post as one of My Top Five Crystals For Psychic Development.

Tigers Eye is one of the crystals that appeals to men as well as women and has a more masculine feel to it than other gemstones.

Similar to amethyst, tigers eye stimulates the 3rd eye chakra but also has protective qualities. It is said to be especially helpful in providing protection against dark magic (if you believe in that kind of thing). As a stone for psychic development, it’s great for vision or divination work. It’s also believed to promote energy flow through the body when worn so would be useful when doing energy or chakra work.

With its vibrant golden colour, this stone is historically used to increase wealth and vitality, attracting money and good fortune in many ways. It enhances courage, brings passion and physical strength, and allows these attributes to be tempered with mental clarity and a joyful outlook.

Tigers Eye Crystals May Help You Start The New Year The Right Way

If you’re

  • looking for insight into your personal situation
  • assessing where you’re heading,
  • seeking courage to take essential steps on your path, whether its a psychic or spiritual development path, or a personal journey

this could be the crystal for you. It may also be one you could carry, wear or work with if you’re worried about money, or trying to sort out your business or personal finances.