The Thing Is, When You See A Ghost, You Don’t Always Realise It

I know it sounds odd, but when you see a ghost, it isn’t actually as scary as you might think.  I’ve seen spirit from a very young age. Speaking to my mum and doing various regression and NLP techniques, I’m certain that it started when I was only a few months old. The weird thing about it is that sometimes it was scary, and sometimes it wasn’t. When I was really young, I didn’t even know they were ghosts. Me saying, ‘Who’s that lady mummy?’ may have freaked my mum out as she stood quite normally in her kitchen with me pointing at a supposedly empty space, but to me, it was just a lady. Who then vanished, by the way, as ghosts have a habit of doing.

But Isn’t It Weird When You See A Ghost?

My point really is that for the most part, it would seem that ghosts can be seen as a quite normal part of life, until we learn that other people (grown ups) are scared of them, and don’t expect them to be there at all. Aren’t grown ups weird? As children we then learn to become fearful of them.

when you see a ghostThat isn’t to say that they can’t make you jump, or that seeing ghosts where you wouldn’t expect to see someone, (in your own home, or in the hall in the middle of the night for example) isn’t scary. But perhaps it is the unexpected nature of them that is scary, they can’t hurt us afterall. (And they don’t look like this picture either!)

Add to that the unusual experiences that give you a sense of something or someone, but without being able to see a live person associated with it. For example, the unexplained footsteps in the night,  the feeling of unease in a particular room or a sense of being watched and so on (I’ve had most of them happen to me!). Quite often it is more our lack of understanding or awareness that causes us to be scared. Bear this in mind – just because we can’t explain something does not make it intrinsically scary.

And I’ll Say Again, Ghosts Can’t Hurt Us.

The physical world, where we exist, is only a place they can visit. And being able to be seen takes ALOT of effort on the ghost’s part. If they make you jump, they’re quite likely to vanish as their hold on being seen in a physical form is jolted from them and they cannot maintain it.

Having this sense of awareness, and perhaps by reading about how ‘normal’ I, and others can find these experiences, may prevent you from being (too) scared if, or when you see a ghost!

Bright Blessings, Helen.

P.S. While my mum was a little freaked out, she quite understood and has a habit of seeing ghosts herself too!