It Looks Pretty. But What Are The Properties Of Rose Quartz?

rose quartzRose Quartz is a very feminine stone. It’s gentle yet powerful. You find it in a vast array of shades from the palest (almost white) pink to a deep rich. It’s opaque and looks beautiful whether in its rough form, or polished.

The energy of Rose quartz is, amongst other things:

  • relaxing
  • calm
  • comforting
  • loving energy

And said to gently remove negativity and encourage a composed, content, happy state.

Personally & Emotionally:

It’s said that this crystal gemstone can help to

  • restore clarity and harmony to your emotions and thoughts, especially after a crisis or difficult patch.
  • encourage unconditional love
  • help us to come to terms with change
  • assist in releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache as well as emotional conditioning that no longer serves us – if indeed it ever did!

How Can Rose Quartz Help With Psychic Development Or Energy Work?

For Energy Work/Auras:

Rose quartz can help to bring any of the chakras back into balance. However, it resonates most strongly with the heart chakra and is excellent at bringing it back into harmony and alignment as well as generally healing on an emotional level.

For Psychic Development:

This crystal helps to strengthen our empathy and sensitivity. This means we are more able to pick up on subtle energies and deliver messages and readings to others with care and sensitivity.

For Spiritual Growth:

Because its energy helps us to connect with peaceful feelings, deep inner healing, and unconditional loving energy rose quartz is a wonderful stone to help us get in touch with our own spiritual nature and personal philosophies.

I’ve Heard That Rose Quartz Will Help Me Find A Boyfriend – Is That True?

This gentle gemstone is related to relationships. It may help to heal emotional wounds and encourage the heart and mind to open to the possibility of love. Because of this, it’s used in magic to attract love. Whether that be for a new loving partner or to restore an existing relationship. Above all, rose quartz crystal encourages us to love ourselves, which will, in turn, assist in attracting the love of others.

self love, love yourself, find love

Self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-worth, and self-trust are all a part of this process and we can encourage them by working with rose quartz. Wear it on your person, meditate with it, use it in energy work and have it around your home and workplace to encourage these feelings in yourself. Then see what the loving energy of rose quartz brings to you.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal that can really help you to become a happier person, but you do need to do some personal development and healing work too to really provoke change.