After some nagging from friends who thought this was a great idea, I finally bit the technological bullet and went for it! A webinar online answering your questions about psychic development, Live!

I hope that for those of you who’ve read my books, articles, or blog, and only ever seen me via pictures online, it was helpful for you to see the ‘real’ me. I always¬† think it’s good to ‘see’ the person you’re working with, virtually or otherwise as it helps build relationships and trust.

I Don’t Claim That My Answers To Questions About Psychic Development Are The Definitive Answers

I also hope you appreciate that my answers are merely my opinions based on many years of experiences, self-education, and soul-searching. By giving my opinions, it should help you to form yours.

This time round we had questions on deja vu, what regular practice should be undertaken for psychic development, and discussion on recurring number patterns.

Unfortunately my recording of the webinar only captures the audio for some reason (I’m just glad this was the only techy glitch!). So here it is as a podcast. Just click the little play button on the widget below.

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