In my article ‘3 Tips For Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities’,  I spoke about the importance of understanding and learning to work with your energy field. Psychic Protection an essential skill that you must feel comfortable with before you undertake any psychic development exercises.

Using Psychic protection ensures that when you’re developing your psychic abilities, you don’t leave your energy field vulnerable to energy vampires, psychic attack or spirit attachments.

Now before we go any further, DON’T PANIC!

These situations are very rare. You’re more likely to simply feel drained and low in energy after your work. This happens because you’ve used all of your own energy and not replaced it. Psychic protection will prevent this too. But it’s alway best to be on the safe side.

How Do I Implement Psychic Protection?

Psychic protection or energetic protection is actually quite simple. There are a number of different ways that you can do it. Find the one that you like, or is easiest for you.

Physical: Using your own physical body to prevent someone else taking, or you leaking your own energies.You probably do this already to a degree. If you’re with someone you feel uncomfortable with you might fold your arms across your solar plexus for example. You can also cross your legs or ankles, or just your wrists. These all create a closed energetic circuit.

Visualisation: This is typically what I would use before I start any mediumistic or psychic work. I visualise a strong complete vibrant aura around me and a barrier of some sort between my energy and the rest of the world. You might imagine a hard shell protecting your aura, like in the picture on this page. You could see yourself covered in mirrors reflecting back at the world (this deflects any negativity). If working in a group I often visualise a blue ring of flames surrounding us. (I use this last one sometimes before I go to sleep or around the house if I feel neccessary.

Talisman: Wearing certain crystals, amulets or symbols can have a protective effect. (We’ll look at the power of symbols and why they work another time.) Great examples are religous symbols. I often wear a pentagram with a black tourmaline crystal (the best crystal for protection) but I will occasionally carry a rosary as well if I feel the need. I’ve no idea why, it just feels right sometimes.

For Everyday Psychic Protection Try Using A Crystal or Symbol On A Necklace

If you’re in any way like me, you will need to ensure that your psychic side doesn’t encroach on your everyday life. Learning to protect your energies, control your abilities and having a good working relationship with your spirit guides will all help. But with a pendant or talisman, you don’t even have to think about it.

black tourmaline is the best crystal for psychic protectionA piece of unpolished black tourmaline – I love this stone





A pentagram is my protective amulet of choice. You may prefer a cross or other symbol.




Ask – connect with your spirit guides and just ask that they look out for you and provide loving protection around you while you work, or during the day / night. Even if you don’t who your guide is yet, ask them. They will be there and they will hear you. If you wish to you could mentally talk to a loved one in spirit, they will help you in the same way.

Look After Yourself All The Time

Ensuring that you are physically and energetically strong and healthy on an ongoing basis is absolutely the best way to ensure you can not only work to your full potential, but keep up your defences and not worry too much about the effect that others have on you. Bear in mind, good health, plenty of sleep, stay well hydrated, keep positive and learn to work with your own energies.

And here’s a thought, if you always maintain a positive outlook, on yourself, other people, the world at large, you are far less likely to encounter any need for psychic protection. If you are working to develop your psychic or mediumship skills ensure that you are always working on a spiritual or psychic level with the highest of positive intentions – in love and light. This will attract the right people, energies and experiences and ensure that you develop at the right pace for you, learning the correct lessons at the most appropriate times.

Psychic Protection is important

but it shouldn’t be your main focus as this means you are giving your attention, or your energy to, the less positive side of life. Focus on the good things and that is what you will attract. There is a Native American saying that I love:

“Keep your face to the sunlight and you will not see the shadows”

This is so true but I can’t ignore the need for some degree of psychic protection in certain situations. I believe that the trick is that where necessary you put psychic protection in place, make it automatic so you don’t have to think about it too much and then forget about it and get on with your life.

Bright Blessings


You've probably got loads more questions about psychic & spooky stuff, right?-2