I Believe It’s Possible To Tell The Future, But It Can Be Very Difficult To Interpret!

can you tell the futureIt ‘s very rare that you know the full details of an event and its consequences before it actually takes place. Sometimes people do tell the future and there have been many stories of individuals managing to warn those involved before the event and successfully diverting disaster.

This is precognition in it’s most complete form. But I tend to think of it as a sliding scale. Below I have outlined my ideas of different levels of ‘predicting the future’. (These are only my thoughts, experiences and phrases so feel free to disagree!)

These are my different types of precognition or ways to tell the future.

Helen’s Sliding Scale Of Precognition


This is when we have a dream, have a vision, draw or paint an image or just suddenly know, ahead of time the full details of an event. In some cases, we know who is involved (typically it will be our friends or family or their acquaintances) and could be able to warn them in some way. This warning may mean that the event itself can be stopped or altered. Or it could be that we can warn the people involved who might otherwise get hurt in some way and they can choose whether or not to take your advise.

Pericognition (I made this word up, but it makes sense, to me at least)

This is when we know the way that a situation is going to play out when a chain of events has already started. We or someone we know is already in the midst of the event and we can see, feel or know in some way what will happen. Again, we may be able to intervene with the course of the events or warn the people involved. I suppose it’s a bit like the feeling of deja vu, you just know what’s going to happen next.


This is more common than Precognition and occurs when we get information from somewhere (divine intervention, our guides, loved ones in spirit, or somewhere else) but it’s vague. This information can be small snippets through to more detailed, but still abstract information. It basically needs interpreting. Examples of this are numerous, like the person who painted the twin towers exploding but didn’t know where or when the painting related to. Or my own dream when I was a teenager of cartoon bombs falling from the sky onto a train track, with various other references in image and cartoon form. I wasn’t able to interpret this at the time, it just felt odd when I woke up, you know those dreams that just stay with you (typical of precognitive dreams). That morning an unexploded bomb was found close to the railway on the line that friends used to get into school.

If you’ve ever seen ‘Medium’ the dramatised story of the real-life medium Allison DuBois, you will have seen how she gets abstract imagery and can’t always work out the ‘who’, ‘what’ and more importantly ‘why’ of her paranormal encounters. This makes it very difficult to do anything about any message and has one or two results. If the partial precognition isn’t deciphered it can then combine with, or become pericognition whereby the symbolism of the dream or vision only becomes apparent when you are in the situation. That can mean that you’re then in a position to say or do something. Alternatively, it can become re-cognition (below).


This is where you haven’t realised (although you may have suspected) or haven’t been able to interpret what turns out to have been precognition. That is, you suddenly go, ‘Ah, that’s what that dream meant’ (I nearly called it Ah-Cognition). At a moment sometime after an event, you recognise that your dream or vision was in fact pre-cognition. This can be very frustrating! The other way that Re-Cognition occurs is that something will occur that will ‘break a dream’. You will suddenly, remember a dream or a glimpse of something from a meditation and realise that you knew this was going to happen. Again, it is very similar to deja-vu.

If you know about something before it happens, and can’t do anything about it, what’s the point in knowing?

Good question and it raises a lot of philosophical discussions. I’ll cover my thoughts on this in another blog.

Bright Blessings


P.S. My belief is that being psychic isn’t all about whether you can tell the future, it’s about living the best life you can in the present.