A Common Subject Searched for Online Is How To Talk To Ghosts

Something that might be worth considering first is, how they might be talking to you.

I’m not just talking about the typical Hollywood-style haunting. You know the one that scares you witless and leaves you running, screaming into the darkness. More frequently ghosts try to make their presence known by much more subtle methods. Once you know they’re around you can start to communicate with them. If you really wish to talk to ghosts that is.

Why Don’t Ghosts Make It Really Obvious They’re Around?

how to talk to ghostsWhy are they being so subtle? One reason is that they’re no longer of the physical world so it’s really hard for spirit to communicate with the living. The best way I can illustrate this is to liken it to us being under water. We’re designed to walk on land, that is where we are most effective. When we’re underwater we can’t move in the same way. If you want to get someone’s attention underwater, that’s tricky. As my little niece so rightly pointed out to her swimming teacher, ‘you can’t clap underwater’. When spirit come back in visitation, or are stuck here (earthbound) they can’t do what they used to do. It takes a lot of energy for them to make themselves known to us, if they manage it at all.

If We Want To Learn To Talk To Ghosts, We Need To Learn To Listen Out For Them First

Typical signs of a ghost trying to communicate are:

  • Changes in temperature, particularly the atmosphere getting very cold.
  • Draughts and breezes.

I believe that both of these occur because its the easiest way for them. They seem to draw energy from around us, maybe even from our own auras (which is why psychic protection is so important). This lowers the temperature or causes a movement of energy.

  • Electrical disturbances particularly lights flickering or bulbs blowing. (Although the eco bulbs seem to be a little more robust than the older versions.) Also, electrical items starting or stopping for no apparent reason. Again This is probably as its a source of energy that spirit are attempting to draw on.
  • Clocks stop working or miraculously start again after many years of not working.
  • An object being moved out of place, or made more obvious, sometimes falling on the floor. Paper is the easiest thing for them to move as it is so light. But books are frequently reported to have been inched out of the bookcase so they stand more proud of the rest, or even fall on the floor. Oftentimes these are relevant to the spirit trying to communicate or to the situation that the person is in at the time (indicating to me that the ghost is trying to offer reassurance or guidance).
  • The doorbell sounding when no-one is around.
  • I think sometimes spirit are also able to draw our attention somehow to external signs as a way of letting us know they are around; a particular advert, street name, or poster that has relevance, a repeated message, or something similar to let us know that they’re around.
  • Hearing your name being called is more advanced but another way spirit try to get your attention.

The more obvious, physical or loud the incidences are the stronger the spirit is.

Watch Out – But Don’t Assume

My suggestion is to be observant and keep an open mind. BUT always look for a physical cause before assuming that ghosts are trying to talk to you. If you think that there is someone around then speak out loud; the best way to talk to ghosts is to actually talk to ghosts! The energy and vibration of your voice help them to communicate back.

Always exercise caution though, check out and put in place psychic protection before you do anything else, and don’t be tempted to try a ouija board (even if it’s given another name like spirit or angel board), especially if you are new to this and you haven’t ever tried to talk to ghosts.

If ghostly activity becomes too much or is scaring you or any other residents in your home you should ask them to stop. There are other tips here about what to do if you think you have a ghost, it may be wise to get some professional help.