Many people would like to be more intuitive or psychic, and lots of people who go for a reading will be told they have the ability to be a psychic. But how do you become psychic? Can anyone do it? And what does it really mean? Let’s start with the last question

What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

Sometimes people use the word ‘psychic‘ interchangeably with the phrase ‘being a medium‘ but there is a difference. Being psychic means that you can pick up on things that you wouldn’t be aware of by ‘normal’ means. Examples include knowing whether someone is unwell, unhappy, is keeping a secret. These things can be picked up, I believe, by being able to ‘read’ the person’s energy, or by tapping into a universal pool of information, often referred to as the ‘collective conscious’. Being psychic does not automatically mean you can see ghosts or speak to those who have passed on. Although many psychics can.

Being a medium (through clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience) means that you are able to see and communicate with spirit.

There is often a cross over of the two.

Can Anyone Be Psychic?

I believe we all have the ability to know more by accessing information that we are not currently aware of. I imagine that there is a spectrum of ‘knowing’ starting with gut instinct, greater awareness and observance, going through intuition and eventually to psychic abilities. Anyone can increase their abilities from where they are now, further along this spectrum.

But How Do You Become More Open To Psychic Abilities?

Firstly, it’s like anything else that is a skill. It won’t happen overnight, no-one can bestow it on you, it takes time and effort. Some people have a more natural inclination to it but we can all improve what we start with.

Here are my top tips for being more open to your psychic abilities:

  • Make the decision to improve your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Start a journal detailing your intuitive and psychic experiences so far. Write a bit about where you are now, why you want to work on these skills and where you would like them to take you. What subjects are of most interest to you? Card readings, healing, energy work, developing into a medium, or something else. Keep this journal to document your experiences so that you can review your progress. Keep a note of your dreams too as they can often bring messages.
  • Start meditating on a regular basis – daily if possible
  • Try to find a group or circle that will accept new members and help you to develop – preferably one that meets weekly. If not look for classes or workshops that you could attend to meet like-minded people. Psychic development books are also a good source of information.
  • Find out more about the auras and chakras, maybe having Reiki or similar energy work will help open up your own energy field to new possibilities and information.
  • Learn about and practise psychic or energetic protection.
  • Make a connection with your spirit guide (you can find out more this here). Once you have a good connection with your guide you will find you are often ‘guided’ in the right direction through seeming coincidence and chance meetings, or simply a strong feeling or desire to pursue a certain path.

I’m sure these will give you plenty to start with, in fact just these subjects could be enough to keep you going for at least the next year!

Bright Blessings