Hints & Tips For Running Your Own Circle

Top 10 Tips on Running your own Psychic Development Circle (& a couple of rules)

1. Don’t wait for loads of members, start a circle even if there’s only 2 or 3 of you.

2. Commit to meeting on a regular basis. This is essential.

3. Set the ground rules and make sure everybody agrees to them.

4. Decide on a trial period to see how you all get on. Working with people on a psychic level is quite different to whether you would go out for a drink and a natter with them.

5. Create a structure to your meeting so that it is a working event and not a social one.

6. Know your basics – How to put energetic protection in place, open & close/ground your energies. These are all essentials that you need to do before working on other things.

7. Between you decide on about 6 things you would like to try, understand or develop. You may find that they are things that one of you know about, so you can take it in turns to lead the sessions. Examples are, healing, crystals, card reading. Please avoid advanced subjects in the beginning. Our recommendation would be to avoid attempting trance, automatic writing, astral or etheric projection (out of body experiences) and anything remotely resembling a ouija board to begin with.

8. If one of you doesn’t want to take part in a particular type of work, maybe past life regression, honour their choice and don’t insist that they do it. Find something else, there are loads of subjects to choose from.

9. Confidentiality – make sure you feel comfortable that everyone agrees not to discuss any personal issues that might come up, outside of the group.

10. If you are unwell or suffering from any mental health condition, please ensure that you seek appropriate medical advice. Do not start your own group, work to get yourself better first. If you really want to investigate this avenue of work and development find an experienced medium who runs a group already, or go along to your local Spiritualist church for further advice.

No. 1 Rule – No alcohol (or other mind altering substances)

No. 2 Rule – Stay Positive – have fun and enjoy yourselves.