That’s What We Created The Psychic Development Workbooks For!

How The Psychic Development Workbooks Came To Be

I always knew I would write a book one day. I used to write stories and poetry all the time as a child. I always thought I would write fiction but one day I got an idea. I got obsessed with the idea. I started writing. In three days half of my first book was written. To work on the rest I got my very good friend Diane involved. The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook – A Course Companion was born. It was designed for people like myself and Diane who wanted to run groups, courses and workshops in psychic development. It was perfect.

Our Goal Was To Help As Many People As Possible With Their Psychic Development

But then I realised that there was a lot of information in the book that would be useful to individuals. Plus, if I’d had access to it when I was younger, it would have been like a bible to me. So we turned the Course Companion into the Beginners’ Guide so that more people would have access to what we’d learnt over many years.

We later added the audio products to make life easier with the meditations.

And then The Advanced Workbooks so that our readers could continue their journey.

Which Psychic Development Workbook Is For Me?

I know that some people may look and wonder which book is for them so I’ve created a flow chart here, to help people decide which of the books is best for them:

psychic development

Further Information About Our Psychic Development Workbooks:

For Teachers, workshop Leaders And Psychic Development Groups

The Course Companions are A4 and if you order them here you can choose between a spiral bound and a regular version. With the spiral bound book you can fold back the pages if you wish to photocopy the resources in the book. Although these are all available to download and print via the website.

If you order direct from Amazon, or any other online store, the A4 course companions aren’t spiral bound, they have a spine. They still work really well but it’s up to you which you prefer. (Amazon won’t let us distribute spiral bound books through their normal channels – sorry)

"psychic development meditation"All the meditations are available on CD via, and as MP3 downloads (both on amazon, CDBaby, and via our own sites). you can find out more about them here.

We Love Happy Customers

You can also leave feedback on these workbooks in the comments below which means we will also be able to use them to help others to decide whether the books are for them or not.