A Common question I get asked is ‘Where Do I Start?’

Spiritual growth is such a vast, yet personal area to discuss, and is different for everyone. But I want to share with you a bit about where I started and how I developed my personal spiritual philosophies.

Someone once said of me, (and for me, I might add) when I was asked about my beliefs,

“Oh Helen doesn’t believe in anything”

“That’s not true”, was my immediate response, and far from it.

What they meant was that I didn’t have a religious label, that I didn’t go to church. Now I appreciate for many people, including friends and family, the church, organised religion, in their case Christianity in some form, is their answer, their spiritual belief system. And that’s fine, it just wasn’t ever for me. I didn’t feel at home, in fact, quite the opposite.

While I often love sitting in the quiet, meditative, tranquility of a church (although more often it would be in the church yard if I’m honest) I could never quite believe, I could never quite feel right about what the church offered. That’s just me. Many religious teachings are profound, powerful and a perfect platform from which to live your life. But I just couldn’t accept any mainstream faith wholeheartedly.

What Does Spiritual Growth Mean To You?

Probably part of the reason for this was that I had always had ‘paranormal’ experiences and these weren’t, and still aren’t, acceptable to many.

  • I saw spirit, chatted with my guides
  • knew things that I shouldn’t, or couldn’t have
  • dreamt of events before they happened
  • and was terribly empathic as a child

I found solace in other, more alternative passtimes. At a young age – before I was 11 – I had devoured Doris Stokes’ books on mediumship, at 14 I taught myself to dowse and read Tarot and it just went from there. I was probably the only 16 year old I knew that got a crystal ball for their birthday!

My prime source of information came through books, discussions, and by listening to my inner knowing when things felt right, and when they didn’t sit quite so well with me.

Here’s a list of my top recommended books to help your research.

I would urge you to use these and other resources (television programs, films, academic research, and the internet) to formulate your own ideas and spiritual philosophy.

Questions To Consider To Help Your Psychic Development Journey

Work out your thoughts on things like…

  • why you think we’re here
  • whether we’ve lived before
  • what happens after this existence
  • how you can know things that no-one has told you
  • how and why spirit communicate
  • and whatever else captures your attention and imagination

I’ve always had my mum to talk with. She also has an interest and psychic, intuitive, mediumistic gifts and was on her journey of discovery too.

I spent hours and hours in the library, reading as many books as I could on all sorts of subjects.

Later I went to workshops and met others of like-mind and again was able to indulge in hours of discussion and debate. All of which I cherish; workshops, friends and discussions alike. They helped me to become who I am today.

The biggest and best tool for your own development is discussion and, where appropriate, practice with others of a like mind.

I love learning and I attended courses on a variety of alternative and holistic therapies, Reiki, workshops in shamanism, and much more.

If you want to develop your understanding of life, and the universe, and what goes beyond and between, self development and learning is most definitely the way to go.

Follow your intuition, it will help you to learn and discover new things about yourself and your spiritual beliefs.