‘Do Ghosts Exist?’ is a question I get asked frequently. Most people are fascinated by the ghosts, spooky and the paranormal. They love to talk about it, often throwing in their own experiences and stories. But sometimes the odd person asks me to prove that I can see or communicate with spirit or to provide proof that ghosts exist.

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Where’s Your Evidence That Ghosts Exist?

My stock response when someone asks to prove that ghosts exist, or that I can see them is to ask them to prove that I don’t see ghosts. I have seen them since I was tiny, and no amount of discussion will ever convince me I haven’t. Not only that but I know how many people I’ve given messages to from their loved ones. I know how I’ve helped with paranormal activity in people’s homes. I know that readings I’ve done in ‘haunted’ locations have been spot-on accurate without having any prior knowledge of its history. For me, I have enough evidence.

There is a saying that:

for those who believe no proof is necessary; for those who don’t, no proof is enough.

I believe that ghosts exist. I have confidence in myself and my personal spiritual belief system. For me, this is my truth and a non-believer won’t sway me. For others, non-belief is their truth and while I will openly discuss our different beliefs, I won’t try to convince them round to my way of thinking.

I understand that there’s room for fraudulent and misleading behaviour in this field, as there is in all walks of life. This is something to be wary and cautious of. Even if there’s evidence one way or another, these people will still find some way to de-fraud and mislead.

I Won’t Believe It ‘Til I See It

As a general rule, I think if you accept that ghosts could exist you are more likely to see one or to have a paranormal experience. Whereas if you’re adamant that they don’t, you are less likely to. There are always going to be exceptions to this of course. You create your own truth and someone saying,  “I won’t believe it ’til I see it”, is highly unlikely to ever see any evidence of ghosts. This is partly due to the fact that they will probably try to rationalise everything and leave no room for the possibility of the existence of ghosts.

I class myself as an open-minded cynic. I have recently been mistaken for a non-believer when I suggested that someone may be jumping to paranormal conclusions without fully checking out the potential physical causes first. This did make me laugh. Yes, I’m a believer, but I always look for the physical explanation first. Afterall we are in a physical world, and I believe that it’s difficult for spirit to have an effect here as it’s no longer their realm.

Looking For Proof Of Ghosts’ Existence

Did you know?. There are scientific studies showing that some people are able to see a wider range of energy vibrations (or colour – if you like) than previously thought. So why shouldn’t we be able to see things if they exist at other levels? You’ll find an article on this study here

I will shortly be interviewing a paranormal investigator about their experiences so watch this space!