What’s a Boji Stone™? Yes, the name is odd and it’s also trademarked and copyrighted. Plus some would say they’re not particularly pretty, but I have to say…

Boji Stones™ are one of my ABSOLUTE BEST crystal purchases ever.

‘Boji Stones’™ can only be sold as such by the owner of the copyright. They come from Kansas in the U.S.A. and are typically sold in pairs. They’re formed from a mixture of different minerals with a high percentage of iron pyrite (often called fool’s gold) which gives the stones a slightly sparkly appearance.

They’re spherical in shape and come in a variety of sizes. The Boji Stone™ pairs are made up of a ‘male’ and a ‘female’ stone. The male is more rugged with angular protrusions and the female smoother.

While these stones are said to be grounding, and are most definitely a stone for energetic and emotional balance, they’re also very powerful and energising. The first time I held Boji Stones™ they were so powerful I just had to have some of my own.

How I Use Boji Stones™

Boji Stones™ are said to have a strong electro-magnetic energy and are great for re-charging and super-powering your aura. Hold one stone in each hand allowing them to create a circuit of energy around you. Try the stones in different hands to see if they work in a different way depending on the side if your body they are on. For some of you they might. I will very often place them in my jeans pockets, one on either side if I feel that I will need energising and balancing for the day, or a particular event.

It’s also said that they can help to drain excess energy in to the earth. So if you’re the type of person that is a little ‘bouncy’ and needs to come down to earth a bit, try them.

The Balance Of The Boji Stones™

Because of their opposing energies the Boji Stones™ help to bring balance to your own male and female energy. They are said to help with healing, particularly of the emotional kind.

Re-Charge And Expand Your Chakras With Boji Stones™

Great for balancing all of your energies, Boji Stones™ also encourage energy flow around your energy system, getting your chakras in harmony and energised. If you feel that you have any energy blockages, or chakra imbalances these are powerful stones to use.

Boji Stones are not a cheap crystal to buy, but I wouldn’t be without mine. 

I have done a lot of research on alternatives to Boji Stones – here are my findings.