If You’re Looking To Improve Your ‘Psychic Powers’, Enhance Your Intuition, Or Increase Your Sensitivity To Things Around You,

This Is A Simple Psychic Development Exercise You Can Try

When you pick up information from people, things, auras, or places, you’re sensing an energy. Part of the problem of developing your psychic abilities is understanding what you’re picking up and then translating it into something relevant and meaningful. To do this you need to understand what different signs, symbols and sensations mean to you personally.

All Forms Of Psychic Abilities Are About Understanding & Translating Energy

When I talk about energy in this way I am referring to the vibration or aura that is given off by a person, place, or thing.

So here’s a simple psychic development exercise: It works well if working with others but its quite possible to adapt it so that you can do it on your own.

You will need some pieces of fabric, preferably of a similar size and texture but all in different colours. You could buy a piece of fabric in each colour from a market stall or sewing shop, or find a selection of scarves or pashminas. You could try this with coloured paper or card but I prefer fabric. I have a selection of pashminas for workshops and these work very well as they can be draped around your shoulders, on your lap, or held in your hands.

The basic colour suggestions would be: red, green, blue, yellow, white.

If you can, add black, pink, orange, and purple.

If you want to go all out, see if you can find a silver and gold metallic or shimmery looking fabric.

It’s a good idea to have a pen and paper handy, or if you’re working on your own you could record your findings verbally using a recording device or app.

What To Do
  • Place all the fabric pieces in a big pile and jumble it up.
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. You could to a visualisation to open your energy field and encourage your sensitivity.
  • If you’re working with a friend get them to pull out one piece of fabric and place it in your hands or over your shoulders.
  • Take your awareness to the fabric and to the air around your body. Tell your friend any changes, feelings or thoughts, words or images that come into your head. They should make a note of it and record the colour of the fabric. When you’ve finished tell them what you think the colour might be (it really doesn’t matter if you get it wrong). Your friend should not tell you whether you are right or wrong.
  • Without opening your eyes and discovering what colour you have been working with, change to another piece of fabric and repeat this exercise until you’ve worked with four or five of them.
  • If you are working on your own you will have to look at the fabric you are holding and record the actual colour as you go along.

Flexing Your Psychic Muscles

The idea of this exercise is two-fold, one to extend and improve your level of awareness and two to understand what each colour means to you – what do you pick up intuitively when you don’t know what colour you are close to? Very often people surprise themselves with their accuracy when they ‘guess’ what the colour is.

If then, in the future, the colour red comes to you, you will have something to refer to. There are of course fairly standard concepts about the meanings of specific colours but it is always better to discover what they mean to you personally. It works the other way too, if you always get an image of the sun and a feeling of warmth on your face when you work with the colour yellow and you’re doing a reading for someone and you get this image and sensation, you may be able to give them a message of a holiday, or warmer weather, perhaps more positive times ahead, or indeed you may be prompted to tell them that this often means (for you) that the colour yellow is prominent – does that mean something to them? It may well do.

Interpretation of symbols and sensations is so hard because it is so personal, things can often be taken very literally or have a more metaphorical meaning. Hopefully trying this psychic development exercise will give you some more tools to help.

You will find lots more exercises to improve your psychic abilities in our book, The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook.