If you’re a complete natural, or once you’ve been working on your psychic skills for some time, eventually you shouldn’t need any tools for psychic development. However, if you want to actively develop, control or encourage your abilities then there are some that will help you.

Here Are My Top Five Tools For Psychic Development

  1. Dowsing Pendulum: This was the second tool for psychic development that I used when I was a young teenager. It helped me to tap into my intuition. Its movements provided a very definite visual indication of answers to questions which helps us to understand the hints our intuition gives us. The pendulum can be a crystal gemstone, but it doesn’t have to be. Anything that is a weight on the end of a chain or some string will work. There are some techniques that are useful to know and to practise to get the most out of a dowsing pendulum; you can find some information in this article on dowsing.
  2. Pack Of Tarot Or Angel Cards: Tarot cards were the first of my tools for psychic development. My mum gave me her old pack and I started using them when I was 13 or 14. I later went on to use angel cards which I loved straight away. Cards are great, especially if you’re a visual person because the subconscious can use the imagery to communicate. Don’t sit and learn card meanings from a book, allow the images to speak to you, to tell you a story. Take a note of what jumps out of the picture at you and what it could symbolise.
  3. black tourmaline crystalBlack Tourmaline crystal: This crystal will help protect your energy field and ward off any unwanted negative energy from people around you. It will also prevent unwanted spirit visitors who may be attracted by your abilities. Use it in conjunction with conscious energetic or psychic protection techniques before you work.
  4. A large sheet of white card, paper or fabric: This might sound like a daft tool for psychic development but it’s really useful to put up on a wall as a backdrop so that you can work on seeing auras around friends or plants. Tuning into this subtle energy is a great way to develop your intuitive, psychic and clairvoyant skills. (Flipchart paper works well.)
  5. A journal or notebook: Use this to keep a note of your experiences and development. Also, record your dreams and the results of any readings you do for others. Review your entries every 3 months and see how far you’ve come. I think you’ll be surprised.


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