Are You Interested In Developing Your Intuitive Or Psychic Abilities But Just Don’t Know Where To Start?

meditate regularly to promote your intuition and psychic abilitiesSome people know that they have psychic abilities or ‘a gift’ but are unsure about how to control and develop it. While others may think they would like to:

  • be able to ‘see the future’
  • be more intuitive
  • provide card readings or
  • communicate with a loved one on the other side,

but are unsure if they can. Isn’t that just for the gifted few? The answer to that question is easy, ‘No’. Anyone can develop their psychic abilities, some are more adept at it than others, but anyone can do it, with practice and perseverance.

Here I Will Share My Top 3 Tips For Tapping Into Your Natural Psychic Abilities

The Number One Tip That I Can Share With You Is To Meditate Regularly:

Meditation encourages us to switch off our analytical, everyday-thinking-brain and tap into our intuitive, creative, subconscious mind. This allows us to access information on a deep level and is essential in psychic development. When we start to analyse our feelings and the things that pop into our heads, we block the messages that come via our intuition or from spirit. We need to be able to switch into that mode easily in order to access our psychic abilities.

If you’re someone who knows they have a gift but finds it hard to control it, this will really help you. By focussing your ‘psychic’ energy on one particular time of the day when you meditate you can quite literally say to your spirit guides (whether you know who they are or not) that this is the time to pass on messages, and no other. This is particularly good if your ‘psychic side’ wakes you up in the night, or causes you a distraction at other times of the day.

Meditation isn’t hard or complicated, it can be as simple as relaxing in an armchair and listening to your favourite piece of calm music. If you’re not sure how to meditate you can find more in my introduction to meditation blog. If you’re the type of person that thinks they can’t switch off easily, why not try my free meditation download by filling in the form on the top right of this page.

My Second Tip Is To Learn About Your Energy Field:

You may wonder what auras and chakras have to do with your psychic abilities but they are an intrinsic part of the process. We are all energetic beings, we take in, harness and change, and give off energy in various forms. We are surrounded by electro-magnetic fields and through these we can act like a radio transmitter and receiver to pass on and receive information on a subtle (or psychic) level. Learning about these energies and understanding how they work, and how we can utilise them will really change the way you see the world, and the way in which you think about your interactions with others. The essential skills are learning how to open, close & ground, protect your energies. I’ll cover these in new posts soon.

For now, why not practice one key element – grounding. This will be of particular use if you ever feel a bit ‘away with the fairies’ and is a key skill in learning to control your abilities. It will also help you to clear your head if you need it.

  • As a first, very simple exercise stand with your feet hip width apart allowing you arms to hang loosely at your sides.
  • Slightly bend your knees and allow your weight to sink into your feet.
  • Gently rock back and forth on your feet a few times to find your balance.
  • Take all of your awareness to your feet and in particular to point at the base of the ball of your foot (about 1/3rd down your foot between the big and 2nd toe).
  • Imagine all of your weight sinking down to this point.
  • Visualise roots extending out from this point down deep into the ground.
  • Stand like this for a few moments, allowing your body to relax and breathe deeply.

Tip Number Three Is To Have A Go At Dowsing

Dowsing is a great way to learn to tap into your own  innate intuitive and psychic abilities. It  is a skill where you use an object (typically a pendulum or dowsing rods) to physically indicate the answer to a question that you don’t consciously know the answer to. I’m often asked how dowsing works, or even confronted with, ‘I bet you’re moving  that yourself’. My usual response to the latter  is to say, ‘I probably am!’  The idea behind dowsing is that our subconscious or even our psychic side does know the answer and produces micro-movements (ideomotor responses) in our muscles to cause the movement that we can then interpret.

Dowsing is a brilliant skill for beginners to start with as they start to develop their psychic abilities. I have put together some instructions on dowsing to find a lost object in this blog this will help you to get started and have a practice. Why not get a friend to hide something in a room or part of your home and see if you can find it. Also take a look at the article What Is Dowsing?

Remember, Practise And Perseverance Are The Keys To Honing Your Psychic Abilities

You've probably got loads more questions about psychic & spooky stuff, right?-2