Want To Speak With Spirits?

Many people get in touch to ask for a simple process for learning to speak with spirits.

Even people who have a natural tendency to speak with spirits need some guidance on how to control and refine their skill. So if that’s you, these steps will be ideal for you too.

I’ve worked on my own development for many years. I’ve also worked with and taught others to do the same. Part of this process is spiritual growth. A huge part of it is understanding and working with our own energy. A smaller aspect can be the ability to speak with spirits.

However – do not expect to be able to speak with spirits overnight. It can take many months or years before you are able to demonstrate this ability.


Why not? Watch out for future articles on this subject.

Here’s a checklist of things you need to learn, work through and continually develop if you really wish to speak with spirits. I have included a brief description and where possible a link to further articles.

  1. Right Here, Right Now! This is about setting aside a space and time to work: Wou can let it be known that you’re working on your spiritual and psychic development. It’s a way of saying, ‘ok, I’m stepping out of my physical world and reality and am ready to work psychically’. Ideally set aside a couple of hours each week, preferably at the same time, and in the same space. This will also help if you are a natural psychic or medium and have problems with controlling when you receive information. If ‘they’ know you’re only ‘available’ at certain times you can get on with everyday things without being interrupted. No-one wants to speak with spirits when they’re working out or on the school run.
  2. Stay Safe: Before you do any kind of energetic, psychic or mediumistic work you MUST learn how to put psychic or energetic protection in place. Find out more here.
  3. Stay Safe part 2: While psychic protection is essential and will help to ensure you are working in a safe and controlled way, it is also important that you learn to Close & Ground. This is done at the end of any work of this nature and is a way of saying ‘I’m off back to my real, physical world, I’m shutting down, and you guys can’t follow me. See you next time’.
  4. Chill Man! Meditation is the number one tool that will make the biggest difference in your development journey. And it’s freely available. You need to be able to get into an altered state of consciousness easily and safely and regular meditation will help with this. It is also the best way to contact your spirit guides too. For more on meditation take a look at this article.
  5. Contacting Your Spirit Guides: Not absolutely essential for every medium but the majority of people who speak with spirits will do so through their spirit guide. These guys and girls are like the mediums of the spirit world helping us to speak with spirits on their side. Spirit guides also ensure that any negative energy is kept away from you while you work. More on this in future articles.
  6. Channelling Energy: Getting to grips with ‘psychic energy’ is essential. It helps you to control your own energy and learn to channel more of it. Both will assist you in your development.
  7. Dowsing: This is a very simple way to see your skills develop and learn how you can tap into universal or psychic energy fairly quickly. It shouldn’t be the ‘be all and end all’ of your psychic skills but it’s certainly a good skill to develop, especially in the early days. It can also help to give you confidence in your abilities. Find out more about dowsing here.
  8. See How It’s Done: Visit a Spiritualist Church and watch some live demonstrations so you can see how it’s done. They may also run some circles or workshops that you could take part in.
  9. Get Together: Find a group, course, workshop or a development circle. Or start your own with friends of like mind. My book ‘The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook – A Course Companion” will help you to do this.
  10. Rinse & Repeat: Work and practice. Work some more. Practice some more. Keep working and keep practising.There’s no quick-fix with this kind of thing. It can seem frustrating but you will improve. Keeping a journal will help you to track your progress.

Sorry that there are lots of links to other articles but while this is a simple system there is far too much to put in one blog post. All of this information is covered in far more detail in my book “The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook – A Beginners Guide” with lots of exercises and resources that you can download and re-use.