The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbooks

psychic development workbooksIf you’re looking for step-by-step psychic development workbooks you need look no further

The Easy Way To Learn About All Matters Of Spiritual & Psychic Development.

The Spiritual and Psychic Development Workbooks have been created by Helen Leathers and Diane Campkin. They came about as a result of their own personal journeys in determining their spiritual path and beliefs and developing their own intuitive and psychic abilities. They’ve spent many years attending, organising, and facilitating groups, circles, courses, and workshops, learning and teaching many subjects relating to spiritual matters and psychic development.

These workbooks bring together their knowledge, experiences, and insights to create unique guides full of practical information, help, advice, and exercises.

We Have Options That Are Ideal For individuals, Groups,

Or Those Wishing To Teach Or Run Psychic Development Circles.

Psychic Development For You

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Find out about Our Beginners Guide and Advanced workbook here.

For Teachers, Groups & Circles

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Available for beginners’ and advanced subjects. Find out about our fully lesson-planned Course Companions here. 

Meditations & Exercises

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All of the meditations and exercises from these workbooks have been created into a collection of CDs and MP3 downloads. The majority of these can be used as standalone meditations and all relate to the subjects and lessons in the workbooks.


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Psychic Development For You

Helen & Diane have created ‘A Beginners Guide’ and ‘The Advanced Workbook’ to help you in your spiritual journey and psychic development, no matter what stage you’re at.

Do you wish to understand, control or develop your existing intuitive or psychic abilities?

Perhaps you’re intrigued and wondering if you could have a hidden psychic gift?

Maybe you would like to explore spiritual concepts or ideas about universal energy but are unsure where to start.

Finding courses, like-minded people or a safe space to work on your spiritual development isn’t always easy. So these workbooks start with the basics and build up from there. You set the pace and as you develop and find out what you like, and what you’re good at you can look at more advanced subjects. Here are the details of both workbooks…

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The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook –

A Beginners Guide

An introduction to the theory and practical basics of spiritual and psychic development from meditation to dowsing, card readings to working with the chakras, understanding crystals to connecting with your Spirit Guides.
Do you want to increase your intuition, work with healing energy, learn how to meditate or develop your own clairvoyant abilities?
This book will facilitate the opening up to and development of your own natural spirituality and psychic skills. Essential basics such as energetic and psychic protection & grounding, simple to understand theory and practical exercises make this a beginners guide for everyone. And there’s not too many long words either.
This is the book we’ve been looking for for years!

Language: English
6″x9″ / 156 pages / Perfect Bound / Black & White printed interior
ISBN: 978-0-9558571-2-6
RRP: £9.95

The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook – A Beginners Guide is available as an EBOOK in multiformats. And on Kindle

advanced psychic development workbook

The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development

Building on our ‘Beginners Guide’ this workbook looks at the more advanced subjects within spiritual & psychic development. In an easy step-by-step process you can venture into subjects such as:• Deep Meditation • Energy work • 3rd eye chakra development • Past lives • Psychokinesis • Manifestation • Angelic energy • Psychic art• Automatic writing • Out of body experiences • Trance mediumship.In this workbook we want to continue to help you develop your own spiritual ethos and understanding as well as your natural psychic skills in a safe and supported way. Endeavouring to keep things as simple as possible, we provide various theories and practical exercises, include our top tips and share some personal experiences of our own.

Language: English
6″x9″ / 164 pages / Perfect Bound / Black & White printed interior
ISBN: 978-0-9558571-5-7
RRP: £9.95

The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development is available as an EBOOK in multiformats.And on Kindle