The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbooks

"psychic development workbook"If you’re looking for a step-by-step handbook for psychic development you need look no further!

The Easy Way To Learn About All Matters Of Spiritual & Psychic Development

The Spiritual and Psychic Development Workbooks have been created as a result of Helen Leathers and Diane Campkin’s own personal journeys in determining their spiritual path and beliefs and developing their own intuitive and psychic abilities. They have spent many years attending, organising, and facilitating groups, circles, courses, and workshops, learning and teaching many subjects relating to spiritual matters and psychic development.

We have options that are ideal for individuals, groups, or those wishing to teach or run psychic development circles.

These workbooks bring together their knowledge, experiences, and insights to create unique guides full of practical information, help, advice, and exercises.

And They Didn’t Stop There

All of the meditations and the energy and psychic development exercises from these workbooks have been created into a collection of CDs and MP3 downloads. The majority of these can be used as standalone meditations and all relate to the subjects and lessons in the workbooks.


The workbooks are also available as EBOOKS in multiformats. And on Kindle.

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